Combine [verb]

Definition of Combine:

connect, integrate

Opposite/Antonyms of Combine:

Sentence/Example of Combine:

In moments like these—at the graveside, in the hospital room, around the dinner table, riding the combine—cynicism rings hollow.

Teams take great pains to try to quantify prospects’ general athleticism each year at the combine in Indianapolis.

In addition to smart harvesting combines, the company is also developing technology using cameras to inspect individual plants and weeds in a field to modulate the amount of fertilizer and pesticides applied based on need.

It takes the burden of having to manage a lot of different things on the combine from the operator.

It’s like we’ve gone through a field after the combine has been through, and we are trying to find a kernel here and there.

According to a study done by Alex Kozora of Steelers Depot, over 80% of athletes drafted to the NFL from 2007 to 2015 participated in the NFL Combine, and that does not include the combine invitees who could not participate due to injury.

Those stains which are dissolved in methyl-alcohol combine fixation with the staining process.

They combine the fixing with the staining process, and stain differentially every normal and abnormal structure in the blood.

The manufacturers of these pipes claim for them that they combine the strength of steel with the lightness of paper.

Lets combine a flying machine with an iceboat and beat out everybody on the lake this winter!