Fuse [verb]

Definition of Fuse:

meld, intermix

Synonyms of Fuse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fuse:

Sentence/Example of Fuse:

The gender gap is still wide enough for a crisis like the pandemic to pack it with explosives and light the fuse.

It explained various chemical bonds and radioactive decays and how hydrogen nuclei in the sun are able to overcome their mutual repulsion and fuse, producing sunlight.

Grenell was tapped as foreign policy spokesperson for the Romney campaign in 2012, but after social conservatives blew a fuse, the relationship was ended after only 12 days.

The spike in growth isn’t long-lived, however, because high levels of the hormone make the growth plates fuse, Dunsworth explained.

Now we are beginning to understand what lights the fuse of these explosions.

When the French generals reached the Austrian end they found a sergeant of engineers actually proceeding to fire the fuse.

From the said mixture, although they tried it several times, it was impossible to fuse or melt the said ore.

This Christian device is made of a jam-tin or crock filled with gun-cotton and nails, and has a fuse attached to it.

The fuse is lighted and thrown by hand into the enemy's trench, where it explodes and does much execution.

This is simply made out of an old jam tin, whilst the fuse is lit before firing the charge in the drain-pipe.