Solidify [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Solidify:

Add the gelatine, which by this time should be commencing to solidify.

The means whereby Pitt sought to solidify them are open to question.

She respects Frank Doughton, and every day that passes will solidify that respect.

The disintegrated mass of rabbits commenced, as it were, to solidify, to coagulate.

It is made by boiling the shrub and allowing the extract to solidify.

Now was the chance, he decided, to solidify himself with the Judsons.

It has never been frozen; when cooled to -166 Fahr., it acquired the consistence of castor oil, but did not solidify.

It served merely to solidify that public opinion which was in favor of the improvement.

We have let some interval pass inactive, to confirm and solidify our hate.

You cannot see any reason why water should solidify in the cold.