Cement [noun]

Definition of Cement:

gluing, binding material

Synonyms of Cement:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cement:


Sentence/Example of Cement:

Being authentic cements stronger relationships and higher engagement, which are critical to opening up opportunities for all.

In real life, making urea cement will probably be more complicated than just peeing in a bucket, says Belinda Rich.

They topped off this mix with some water to make the cement.

For instance, it might prevent clogs in tubes that carry cement.

They added even less graphene to cement — just a twentieth of a percent by weight.

In all of these products, adding graphene would reduce the overall amount of plastic or cement that would be needed for some application.

It is sometimes asked, cannot “Analysis” cement together unconnected “Extremes”?

Delancy turned the sedan through the door of the big garage, rolled across the wide parking floor to the cement ramp at the rear.

He washed the cement floor with the hose, and while waiting for it to dry he rinsed his brushes in turpentine.

This is the material of the celebrated Roman cement, which holds together to this day the massy structures of ancient Rome.