Plaster [noun]

Definition of Plaster:

thick, gooey material that hardens

Synonyms of Plaster:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plaster:


Sentence/Example of Plaster:

After it has swollen as much as it will, the plaster mould is made as before.

The minute they find out you're Irish, they'll plaster you with praise.

If Enoch had not held his arm he would have torn off the plaster from his breast.

But the marble statues they put into a kiln to make lime to plaster their houses.

In that way they have made a plaster cast just the shape of the hole.

The Veaseys had always meant to plaster, but that consummation was still afar.

A man in bed, with a plaster on his chest, was not likely to invite company to supper.

He's gone to bed, and missis is putting him a plaster on his chest.

They mixes up alum, and bone-dust, and plaster of Paris, and—Drat that door!

Your share of that, Peter, will buy salve and plaster for your cut.'