Gum [noun]

Definition of Gum:

sticky substance

Synonyms of Gum:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gum:


Sentence/Example of Gum:

Every time he sees me, or anybody he likes, he lifts the upper gums and displays the whole row of teeth.

Waterpik’s top-of-the-line unit features 10 different pressure settings, as well as a dual-step “pulse modulation” mode that flosses between teeth and then massages gums.

We were on Blue Gum Ridge hunting squirrels, and we got to talking over one thing and another.

Then rolling chewing-gum from one corner of his mouth into the other, he snapped off the electric light and walked from the room.

Gum is excreted from various plants as a thick fluid, which dries up into transparent masses.

Mrs. Gum dusted a large old-fashioned oak chair with her apron; but he perched himself on one of its elbows.

He said well that he was always thirsty, though Mrs. Gum's expression was the better one.

Sometimes she'd come to the school-house and set on the grass under the apple trees and chew gum with us girls.

Death looked at himself in the gum machine mirror, then down at his watch.

The two were laughing: Mrs. Gum seemed in a less depressed state than usual, and the other less snappish.