Wax [verb]

Definition of Wax:

become large, fuller

Synonyms of Wax:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wax:

Sentence/Example of Wax:

It ain't made of wax nor anything else that folks ever made.

When he at last reappeared he was white as wax, distressed, anxious, but still resolute.

Marriott was lighting the six wax candles on the dressing-table.

In those days men fastened their letters and receipts and bills with wax.

While the wax was soft they stamped their names in it with a metal seal.

It was a pleasant, peaceful sitting-room, as neat as wax in every part.

Sink me, but I wax philosophical, which is the old refuge of the ruined man.

The water which serves to melt and separate the wax is far from being useless.

They are as perfect as though moulded and shaped out of wax.

The bureau contained paper, wax, and all the other appliances of writing.