Dilate [verb]

Definition of Dilate:

stretch, widen

Synonyms of Dilate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dilate:

Sentence/Example of Dilate:

Heat dilates blood vessels that surround the lumbar region of your spine, increasing the flow of oxygen to your back muscles and stimulating sensory receptors in your skin to help heal damaged tissue and relieve discomfort.

With close attention, our pupils dilate and contract over and over.

That was the car that just made my pupils dilate and my heart race.

According to her attorney, Van Huynh, she consulted with medical staff at the facility who told her that the condition could be treated by a minor surgical procedure in which a doctor dilates the cervix and scrapes off the lining of the uterus.

Kettlewell used to dilate on the great sacrificial feast of charity.

Another room had been added to the cabin—and the fragrant smell of cedar made her nostrils dilate.

In that September morning his soul seemed to dilate with every breath he drew.

Little need to dilate on the situation as it appeared to Mrs Iver!

Frequently the nerves dilate the blood vessels of the skin, thus helping the sweat glands to secrete, by giving them more blood.

I shall not dilate on the style in which hospitality was offered me in this truly princely abode.