Protract [verb]

Definition of Protract:

extend, draw out

Synonyms of Protract:

Opposite/Antonyms of Protract:

Sentence/Example of Protract:

The heroism of the Spaniards might protract, but could not avert their fall.

Their mission is not rescue, it is only to prolong a struggle, to protract a fate.'

To draw forward; to extend or prolong; as, “England desired not to protract the war.”

These are the arts which protract the existence of government.

It is almost better to decide wrong than to protract the contest.

To protract the war would have been but to add to their disasters.

To protract the siege was to protract the sufferings of the Heratees.

Why should I protract a tale which I already begin to feel is too long?

Their guest did not protract his stay that evening above an hour longer.

The coroner had acceded to Markham's proposition and was contriving to protract the session.