Complete [adjective]

Definition of Complete:

total, not lacking

Opposite/Antonyms of Complete:

Sentence/Example of Complete:

However this be, it is hard to say that these fibs have that clear intention to deceive which constitutes a complete lie.

He became a doctor in two hours, and it only cost him twenty dollars to complete his education.

Prud'hon, in humiliation and despair, lived in a solitude almost complete.

He staggered along with much difficulty and managed to complete half of it by Christmas.

A culture which was complete one thousand years before Adam must have needed many thousands of years to develop.

If there is everywhere complete economic freedom, then there will ensue in consequence a régime of social justice.

Granular and fatty casts, therefore, always indicate partial or complete disintegration of the renal epithelium.

A little corral for the sheep, and a rough shed for the pony, and the home was complete: far the prettiest home they had ever had.

My son gives the young men and women a complete wardrobe when they start out to win their way in life, and the details fall on me.

The God of Victories will give us one as brilliant and complete as the righteousness and justice of our cause demand.