Unimpaired [adjective]

Definition of Unimpaired:

not hurt

Synonyms of Unimpaired:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unimpaired:

Sentence/Example of Unimpaired:

You will understand that my faculty of observing was unimpaired.

He possessed an unimpaired physical solidity which was manifest to me at the contact.

It was therefore with unimpaired vigour that they rushed on to the combat.

For the natural powers, say they, are unimpaired, not only in man but even in the devil.

They will then keep for six months, or even more, unimpaired.

Do I resign them to the custody of the gods, undiminished and unimpaired?

Her faculties of observation and of inference would, he took it, be unimpaired.

It was large but well formed, and showed an unimpaired line of teeth within.

It may be that, if my eyesight were unimpaired, I should have accepted world as I found it.

In spite of all her errors her faith in the future was unimpaired.