Intact [adjective]

Definition of Intact:

undamaged; all in one piece

Synonyms of Intact:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intact:

Sentence/Example of Intact:

It’s hard enough under normal circumstances for a defending champion team to keep its roster intact.

Perseverance is going old-school with a drill kit to gather intact cores of rock from the ground.

Turgeon has at times referenced how this team could stay mostly intact heading into next season.

Effectively, creative writing and interpretation kept a great deal of slavery intact in early Illinois.

So McConnell gave an ultimatum saying that the rules must require that the filibuster remain intact.

EVgo’s leadership will remain intact, with Cathy Zoi continuing as CEO of the combined company.

“For instance, recent research has shown that we probably need 80 to 90 percent of the Amazon intact,” Pimm says.

Changing a single word could immediately alter the meaning to the point a listener could no longer comprehend, all the while keeping the grammar intact.

Orellana Garcia’s brain, as far as anyone could tell, was fully intact.

If this is it for Brees, he at least has his offense basically intact around him.