Uncut [adjective]

Definition of Uncut:


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Sentence/Example of Uncut:

When just ready to boil, put in the herbs, cut or uncut; and when ready again to boil, lade it to and fro to prevent its boiling.

But the Federal range was too long, and the fuses of many shells were uncut.

For these reasons the amateur will do well to have new books of price bound “uncut.”

Under the head of “large paper,” perhaps “uncut copies” should be mentioned.

A bear has appeared here and is eating the uncut corn of the peasants.

She's all over strange jewels and scarabs, and uncut turquoises and things.

The uncut or rough cut is made by taking off any projecting edges of the leaves.

The Cherokee dropped the remainder of the uncut beef into the pot.

Again, the uncut leaves are taken in the fingers and dipped in the salt or dressing.

"Yes," fanning herself briskly with the pages of an uncut magazine.