Faultless [adjective]

Definition of Faultless:

having nothing wrong with it

Opposite/Antonyms of Faultless:

Sentence/Example of Faultless:

Stories about the early colonizers of North America resonate a little differently these days, and Radisson was clearly no faultless hero.

It is better to play the simplest airs in a finished, faultless manner, than to play imperfectly the most brilliant variations.

The book is admirable; as a series of sermons illustrative of the canon of literary good taste it is faultless.

Many a heart beats as those happy, sunny eyes gaze on the lovely-made dolls, dressed in faultless fashion.

Joseph is one of the most interesting characters of the Bible, one of the most fortunate, and one of the most faultless.

She's a woman of faultless character, but her instincts, as Altiora would say, are anarchistic—when she gives them a chance.

The seat of the earth is stretched out far and wide, when the hosts of these faultless Maruts come quickly to the races.

The faultless regularity of the Greek profile has passed into history as the accepted standard of human beauty.

His language was faultless, his word selections beautiful, his soliloquy impressive beyond description.

Then the slender figure in its faultless tailor-made gown disappeared into the omnibus.