Unsullied [adjective]

Definition of Unsullied:


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Sentence/Example of Unsullied:

So the boy and girl grew up as unsullied as Hindus ever are.

Yet these books left him as unsullied as water leaves a duck's back.

She was once unsullied, and I was proud of her: that she is not so now, is your fault.

Generous, unsullied, proudly ignorant, she desired to remain so.

Then the fair, fresh face of nature was unsullied by the hand of man.

His was a frank and open nature, his a fresh and unsullied heart.

It was not that she might see him, but that she might think of him with unsullied thoughts.

There is nothing he would not have sacrificed to preserve that unsullied.

Patience, in the meantime, would sit with unsullied conscience at her work.

Your memory must remain without a stain, as your life has been unsullied.