Unblemished [adjective]

Definition of Unblemished:

not flawed

Synonyms of Unblemished:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unblemished:

Sentence/Example of Unblemished:

Despite the tenderness of her poetry and her character, her reputation was unblemished.

He was an old man, but he had always maintained an unblemished character.

Bender was the pink of propriety and a dog of unblemished reputation.

Did not Hector burn you thigh-bones of heifers and of unblemished goats?

He was a man of unblemished character, and was not too haughty to have fun sometimes.

They appear to confide to us the charge of their unblemished names.

His abilities, courage, and unblemished character have never been denied.

He belonged to an old family, and had an unblemished reputation.

His unblemished record was referred to in an occasional editorial.

The reputation of an officer on the Staff must be unblemished.