Flawed [adjective]

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Roger Goodell has shown plenty of flawed judgment over his 15-odd years as NFL commissioner, but if ever a leader deserves credit for rising to a crisis and putting on this implausibly successful season, he does.

She was optimistic about Putin until 2008, she says, when a vote that the Council of Europe deemed flawed put Putin-backed candidate Dmitry Medvedev, then-First Deputy Prime Minister, in the President’s seat.

The show is famous for nominating a mix of acclaimed and seriously flawed programming, prompting many eye rolls on social media and around the entertainment industry.

I know he did things wrong, which does not … I’m not excusing anything because he’s a deeply flawed man, but that’s OK too.

Numerous public health experts condemned the research as both flawed and dangerous.

In this mega-breach, the industry’s flawed financial incentives, a lack of transparency, underinvestment in training, and old-fashioned cost-cutting each played a role.

She says it’s crucial to acknowledge how a flawed past has put us in the position we’re in now.

On the whole, however, the data suggests self-coups typically augur an era of authoritarianism when they happen in flawed democracies.

A 2019 series by The Post and Courier and ProPublica exposed how a flawed system of selection and oversight provided fertile ground for misconduct on the bench.

In Charlottesville, the security plan was so flawed that police riot gear was stationed blocks away, so when the rioting began, the police needed to retreat to get the protection they required.