Precise [adjective]

Definition of Precise:

exact, accurate

Synonyms of Precise:

Opposite/Antonyms of Precise:

Sentence/Example of Precise:

I cannot recall the precise amount, but it was not so much as what you call one dollar.

Their precise age and antiquity have been disputed with some acrimony.

For this complaint there is no precise English name; but, alas!

The precise occasion of this offence cannot, and need not, be ascertained.

What he wanted to know was the precise area of India in square miles.

Do you think your habits are as precise and methodical as—shall I say as mine are?

Thus, little by little, the lady had assumed a precise appearance.

As I have told you, I have no precise information, I have seen no documents.

But words are not music; words at least are meant and fitted to carry a precise meaning!

My instructions are precise; but the delay, I trust, will be but trifling.