Categorical [adjective]

Definition of Categorical:

explicit, unconditional

Synonyms of Categorical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Categorical:

Sentence/Example of Categorical:

It was a strange case of mistaken identity which persisted for many years in spite of categorical denials.

As I dressed a number of frightful posers came into my head about you, and I want categorical answers.

The single categorical negation of the President is that he neither saw nor read the recommendation.

The highest norms were not present with a categorical affirmation of their reality and value.

For we should discover that speech is a much less categorical matter than we had been led to suppose.

The categorical imperative was supposed to determine our moral sense and the distinction between good and evil.

This has been largely sustained by Kant's teaching, but his categorical imperative has been completely refuted by modern science.

Malone was snapping out his words with categorical crispness.

But nevertheless freedom of will is a necessary conviction of every one who feels it in the categorical imperative: Thou shalt!

No categorical imperative, no ethical code, can serve as a basis for the real practical right.