Conditional [adjective]

Definition of Conditional:


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Sentence/Example of Conditional:

A contract of sale may be conditional, for example, that the property shall not be transferred until the price is paid.

He had a modus operandi of making the conditional mood mean the imperative.

As far as I can make out the original, it is the negative conditional as I have given it in the text.

Something about the conditional setup seemed to give me an idea.

"I would ask that question," repeated Tanner, still in the conditional mood, but nodding confidentially all round.

The Law has a promise but it is a conditional promise, depending upon whether people fulfill the Law.

The Roman Catholic burgesses of Rouen even proclaimed a conditional loyalty.

The conditional here expresses uncertainty; it should be rendered in English by "could" not by "would."

Madison replied, that a conditional ratification did not make a State a member of the Union.

We come next to Virginias acceptance of the Constitution, which, to Calhouns peculiar mind, was a conditional one.