Unconditional [adjective]

Definition of Unconditional:

absolute, total

Opposite/Antonyms of Unconditional:

Sentence/Example of Unconditional:

Though the right to live is absolute, it is not unconditional.

She craves nothing but the compulsion to unconditional obedience.

The Colonel refused to take it, and demanded an unconditional surrender.

The law has since been amended, to make the penalties absolute and unconditional.

"I require an unconditional surrender," said Flora, with an unappeasable smile.

The blond lady seemed softened by this unconditional surrender.

The promise to pay of a negotiable note must be unconditional.

Unconditional submission is what He requires of His prisoners.

In my opinion there can be no question of unconditional surrender.

It is therefore hard for me to think of unconditional surrender.