Incomplete [adjective]

Definition of Incomplete:

unfinished, wanting

Synonyms of Incomplete:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incomplete:

Sentence/Example of Incomplete:

Adding to the complexity is a dense, incomplete web of regulations around which kinds of products can be sold and promoted.

Ikhrata said the audit contains “flawed conclusions,” “incomplete information” and a biased “accusational tone.”

As reopened businesses require some parents to return to work, they’re left to make decisions based on competing priorities and incomplete information.

Another third of applications submitted to MTS were deemed incomplete.

These tools are siloed and provide an incomplete view of the consumer journey and behavior.

Data in Maine, New Jersey and New York was incomplete, so they have been omitted from the table.

A discussion of school closures that focuses only on Covid-19 and not at all on education is incomplete.

A third and smaller, incomplete study was also published April 29.

Humility is recognizing that you could be incomplete or wrong.

He too thinks that Schumpeter was wrong, or at least that his theory of innovation was woefully incomplete around where innovation really happens.