Fragmentary [adjective]

Definition of Fragmentary:

broken, incomplete

Synonyms of Fragmentary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fragmentary:

Sentence/Example of Fragmentary:

The abbey was founded by William the Lion in 1178, but war, fire and fanaticism have left it sadly fragmentary.

Such advice will not serve as a screen if based on a fragmentary, incomplete statement of facts.

Yes: she remembered now, though it still seemed like a dream—a fragmentary, misty dream.

Such are the fragmentary references that have survived concerning the career of the first Cambridge printer.

While Madame Bastien was speaking David was hastily glancing over the fragmentary writings his hostess had just handed to him.

The accounts which we have of his political activities are conflicting and fragmentary, and his work left few permanent results.

The battle-torn fragmentary regimental colours hang from the arch opposite.

How the rebel was overcome is not certain, because the legend survives in fragmentary form.

These six fragmentary bands are not dissimilar in their habits of living and the state of their advance in agriculture.

This venerable pioneer picked a fragmentary biscuit from the street and devoured it.