Disconnected [adjective]

Definition of Disconnected:

confused; discontinuous

Synonyms of Disconnected:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disconnected:

Sentence/Example of Disconnected:

In a key county supervisor race, District 1 in South Bay, Ben Hueso said he was against Proposition 15 and that you would “have to be very disconnected from reality to want to support” it.

Contracting the disease helped Bolsonaro and Johnson squash the argument that their disconnected approach misfired with bystanders.

Less than a week after he said anyone who supports the ballot measure must be “disconnected from reality,” he has joined their ranks.

“Right now, you’d have to be very disconnected from reality to want to support a measure that is not going to help businesses recover,” Hueso told KUSI last week.

Because their messaging can be stodgy and rote, it’s easy for people to feel disconnected and don’t feel the urge to act.

Talking about a marker that for many people is pretty nebulous and disconnected isn’t helpful and might come off as a bit gauche.

Talking about something that feels disconnected from most people’s day-to-day doesn’t really help to underscore the message Republicans were trying to send.

Word for word he translates my utterance, the sentences broken, disconnected, in his inadequate English.

A connected narrative of our wanderings in this amazing country could hardly be true to its disconnected character.

He disconnected the string from the bed and arranged it on the window.