Interrupted [adjective]

Definition of Interrupted:


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Sentence/Example of Interrupted:

Meanwhile, this year has intensified loneliness, interrupted connections, and increased economic hardships.

We were interrupted at this moment by a message from General Houston, to whom we immediately hastened.

Elmer Spiker interrupted to inquire whether the turtles I had seen were "black-legs, red-legs, or yaller-legs."

Mrs. Wren glanced at the small person whose breakfast she had interrupted.

"Lettres et journal pour monsieur," interrupted a waiter, entering with two letters and the Times.

But a knock at the door interrupted them; the discreet Capt entered, bearing a telegram upon a salver.

But he interrupted her ere she had gone far, "Mademoiselle de La Vauvraye," said he, "you overstate the matter."

The suggestion seemed a likely one, so I interrupted the flow of Elmer's troubled thoughts to say good-night, and went out.

Michael listened impatiently, and interrupted the speaker in the midst of his oration.

She was interrupted by the entrance of a fine tall blooming girl of eighteen, holding in her hand a pretty little maid of five.