Obstructed [verb]

Definition of Obstructed:

prevent, restrict

Synonyms of Obstructed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obstructed:

Sentence/Example of Obstructed:

After a time it was obstructed by the top of a fallen basswood.

There was a collision, the track was obstructed, and only the 7th and 8th Georgia got through.

The window opened to the east, and the view was obstructed only by the boughs of the tree.

The position was entrenched, and the approaches were obstructed by felled timber.

It is hard to discover why either play should have been obstructed.

The others could not follow, because of Big Waller and the artist, who obstructed the path.

At full gallop the force started for the entrance, now not obstructed.

He obstructed the draft as adroitly as he could, claiming inequities.

If your obstructed mind could but comprehend your father's thoughts!

The chimney may be obstructed by soot or some foreign material.