Mask [noun]

Definition of Mask:

false face, cover

Synonyms of Mask:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mask:

Sentence/Example of Mask:

Even for Mammon's sake Mr. Raymount was not the man to hide or mask his opinions.

The black bonnet had been like a mask, hiding Mart's beauty.

His usual vacuity of expression was cast off like a mask and alarm twisted his features.

In "Cymbeline," Shakespeare's mask Posthumus dwells on the same idea.

Under her mask of languor, Carlotta's heart was beating wildly.

The mask worn by the face of the world is dropped before us.

These fiends were doubly protected by midnight and the mask.

Then the messenger threw aside his mask, and Seth saw that he was Death.

No man with a gleam of humour could have kept a mask of grimness.

Mask them all, and the mere turn of the head would have shown an unsubduable nature.