Pretense [noun]

Definition of Pretense:

falsehood, affected show; cover

Opposite/Antonyms of Pretense:

Sentence/Example of Pretense:

She had been convicted of blackmail, and she made no pretense even of innocence.

Ben pretended to be vexed with Dick and Tom, but it was only pretense.

“Tell us some more about Big Brother Bill,” she said, with the pretense of a sigh.

Hastily he threw on the packs, making no pretense at neat packing.

That cannot be simulated; the pretense of it is in general, in the long run, futile.

But I realized, only too well, that the indifference which had once been real was now only pretense.

She had an uncanny faculty of seeing through his every pretense.

"Come in, sir," said he, with a pretense of great deference.

Even if he does not, he no doubt makes the pretense, and she believes him.

Within a year or so he would not even have the pretense at a business.