Trickery [noun]

Definition of Trickery:

deception, joke

Opposite/Antonyms of Trickery:

Sentence/Example of Trickery:

How he had stooped to trickery and had stolen the gold with which to pay for Valhalla.

It was a very effective finale, but still Amelia suspected no trickery.

Thus it seemed to him anything but intelligent to believe in trickery.

He became cunning; he had idle time in which to devote himself to thoughts of trickery.

I am merely pointing out that it left open a way to trickery.

She shrewdly suspected some "bit of trickery," as she phrased it.

They were there to best each other by any manner of trickery.

The use of either instrument, when unaccompanied, leads to every sort of irregularity and trickery.

The idea was a painful one to him; for if this were so, it was evident that trickery was practiced.

But you forget, Thunder-maker, that your trickery with the snakes helped them to that opinion.