Con [noun]

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“Chaplet”—a wreath or garland signed for by him in his ambitious hopes—expresses his birth-date by Con.

Mister Public is further deceived in believing that the 'con man' who has a pitch nearby is connected with the enterprise.

There was a large collection of ladies, amongst whom were two of the most celebrated in the capital—Seora Maria Con.

Capella is lo-cat-ed in the con-stell-a-tion which you call Auriga.

Con them over a few times, and they will turn into letters of light.

Con., oh, Con., you don't think—you can't think that she loved that—that beast?

I drank hard all that day after they told me, Con., but not one drop since; not one.

No, Con., that's of no use, I should know myself for a liar all the time.

Now, Con., my father thinks you infallible, and you can do anything with Frank.

The four interior figures, viz., 9091 is a clear case of Con.