Truthfulness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Truthfulness:

There is a truthfulness in action as well as in words, which is essential to uprightness of character.

Only in the hot sunshine did there glow the truthfulness and the fulness of life.

Nothing can be more admirable than the truthfulness and ease of the figures.

His truthfulness, patience, and calmness of judgment have never been exceeded by mortal.

Ptah typified at once the working power and the truthfulness of God.

But the habit of all her life of truthfulness with him prevailed.

The word ‘Truthfulness’ may seem to suggest the realism of some modern writers.

Nor again is the Greek truthfulness identical with objectivity.

His truthfulness was such that he was called 'St. Yves de vérité.'

A woman's virtue is her continence, and a man's virtues are truthfulness and courage.