Verity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Verity:

In verity he knew it as glibly as the alphabet, for he was infinitely painstaking.

Of a verity this American autumn, or fall, as they call it, is a most delicate season.

When he looked at it directly and simply like that, there was nothing that could blur the verity of it.

For not for four years thereafter did he in verity begin to reign.

Yet where can lie the verity of the faith, if not in Holy Writ?

I to the lawyer went, and found that it was so—of a verity—so!

To see our own home in flames is not to see fire in its verity.

Do truth and verity apply to thought and speech or to persons?

That you are my prisoner in verity is enough for me, but not for others.

It shall be Rose, and then I can call her mine; for in verity I love the child.'