Falsehood [noun]

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Once falsehoods move to encrypted messaging apps like Telegram and WhatsApp, it becomes significantly harder to monitor and put a stop them.

Every falsehood eventually comes back to haunt Carlson, a fellow who pontificates every night on the country’s affairs.

Were she president, one assumes that Rubio would strongly advocate robust coverage of her falsehoods and an exploration of conspiracy theories she might offer that could lead to dangerous situations.

Such falsehoods will be a major impediment to the vaccine campaign.

Advocacy groups push for Marjorie Taylor Greene’s resignation over report that she spread falsehoods about school shootingsOn Tuesday, CNN’s KFile published the findings of its review of hundreds of posts and comments on Greene’s Facebook page.

So the work of countering falsehoods on social media falls to journalists, academics and other experts.

Government, which is the preservative of the general happiness and safety, cannot be secure if falsehood and malice are suffered to rob it of the confidence and affection of the people.

Three former CPUC employees said in interviews that the report contained falsehoods.

Callimachi said she had Chaudhry “lying about key aspects of his account and reported it,” but faulted herself for missing other falsehoods, adding that the caveats weren’t “enough.”

Even if you are going to debunk a claim in the hope of pointing out a falsehood to friends and family, experts warn not to share the original false post.