Dissimulation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dissimulation:

I could grudge him, for his knavery and dissimulation, though I do not envy much the having the same place myself.

Argyle renewed his courtship to the king; and the king, with equal dissimulation, pretended to repose great confidence in Argyle.

This sudden, unexpected fortune so completely turned his head that he forgot his skilful dissimulation.

Helen blushed deeply; dissimulation was a very difficult task to her, and for a moment seemed more than her strength could bear.

Mme. Fauvel, who flattered herself that she had displayed wonderful dissimulation, shook her head.

With this view, they agreed upon a course of meanness and dissimulation, which involved the most tragical consequences.

The arrival of Frances Stuart at Court gave her an opportunity to practise her powers of dissimulation.

An angry moralist, like a schoolmaster with a birch, is an incapable instructor; his stripes are resented by dissimulation.

The young man had been having some special training in dissimulation, and he did not betray any surprise.

Within a few months of her arrival the cool eye of Knox had pierced through the veil of Mary's dissimulation.