Pretentiousness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pretentiousness:

The novelty of the thing, and the pretentiousness in which he had swaddled it, had deceived them finely.

I can see none of that pretentiousness that Edith Bryce led us to expect.'

I am no politician, nor given to tricks nor to pretentiousness.

Anecdotes were told of his self-assurance, his vanity, his pretentiousness.

Nevertheless he regarded it as essentially absurd in its pretentiousness.

While tolerant of kinds in literature, he should be intolerant of pretentiousness.

He probed character with a glance, and was particularly sharp on pretentiousness and self-importance.

Although comely, she was homely—a "downright" girl, scorning and hating all manner of pretentiousness.

But I know now that my blush was far more unworthy than his freedom from all pretentiousness in matters of art.

Even leaving aside the discomforts which are always allied to pretentiousness, the poor rich woman has a hard time of it.