Immodesty [noun]

Definition of Immodesty:

bad taste, mistake

Synonyms of Immodesty:

Opposite/Antonyms of Immodesty:

Sentence/Example of Immodesty:

Immodesty in the minds of many people definitely connotes that which pleases the eyes and the senses.

Chateau of Beaurepaire—nest of treason, ingratitude, and immodesty—I loathe you as much as once I loved you.

The Priscillianists were accused, like the Manichans, of obscene doctrines, of religious nakedness and immodesty.

The school of the Rabbi Shammai said, "A man must not repudiate his wife unless he find in her actual immodesty."

They would not bare the body below the waist and were shocked at his immodesty because he was not so scrupulous.

Mother had accused her of immodesty: riding astride and wearing those scandalous pepper-and-salts and showing her legs.

To soften its immodesty still further, Marie threw a gauze scarf over her shoulders, left bare and far too low by the red drapery.

Go to, go to, for shame; go to bed and sleep out this immodesty: thou shamest both my master and his house.

She had made modesty the handmaiden of blatant immodesty, and the daring impudence of it all fairly stunned the painter.

May not a flush spring as naturally from shy reserve as from immodesty?