Blunder [noun]

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The alleged tampering blunder with Bogdanovic felt so crushing because Milwaukee has limited salary cap flexibility to fill that glaring need.

All that said, Coinbase has seen firsthand that turning a blind eye to politics can lead to huge business blunders.

As a result of the blunder, a plan was quashed for Recombinetics to raise an experimental herd in Brazil.

Stopping to question your motives is the first step to harnessing the power of trending keywords without making a marketing blunder.

I must make no mistake, and blunder into a national type of features, all wrong; if I make your mask, it must do us credit.

So far, so good; but, in another quarter, Allcraft suddenly discovered that he had committed an egregious blunder.

By some extraordinary blunder of the commissariat the 32d had set forth that morning without breaking their fast.

His gay debonair manner and his ready apology for his own blunder pleased Mrs. Calvert.

The insertion of whyte in l. 905, in the existing authorities, is surely a blunder, and I therefore have omitted it.

The blunder is obvious; goddesse clogs the line with an extra syllable, and gives a false rime such as Chaucer never makes.