Impropriety [noun]

Definition of Impropriety:

bad taste, mistake

Synonyms of Impropriety:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impropriety:

Sentence/Example of Impropriety:

Prospect has defended its quality of care and denied any improprieties.

Aides to Feinstein and Loeffler previously acknowledged that the senators had been in contact with federal law enforcement and denied any impropriety.

His disappearance is reminiscent of past instances in which Beijing has detained business executives without warning for what it sees as impropriety.

More recently, increased scrutiny over its business practices has led government regulators to crack down on perceived improprieties and some users have shown a slight sway towards a more privacy-oriented search experience.

We’ve been over this to some extent before, evaluating the arguments about alleged improprieties, claims for which there’s no credible evidence.

I thought I had taken steps to guard against this very possibility, even an appearance of impropriety is not acceptable to me.

Despite the charges of financial impropriety leveled against him, many will see the verdict as the stark silencing of a prominent critic, rather than the punishment of corruption.

Ironically, though, the city’s effort to avoid the appearance of impropriety seems to have led to quite a bit of actual propriety.

A gentleman of the bar remarked that he could see no impropriety in a man and his wife a-door-ing each other.

The common experience is that a charge of sexual impropriety comes from information supplied by the female.