Trip [noun]

Definition of Trip:

journey, excursion

Synonyms of Trip:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trip:

Sentence/Example of Trip:

Auntie, dear, the trip has made me more restless and dissatisfied than ever.

I'd 'a' felt foolish to have anyone know jest why I was makin' the trip.

Suppose that you are taking a trip in the mountains and you have seen a deer.

He would say that his was a trip of business, and not pleasure, and hard work he had.

I'm not going to Welland this trip, as you may be disappointed to learn.

I don't believe one of them ever fired a weapon before this trip.

We had planned a trip to the Knob the next day, and were to camp out for the night.

And yet it was nothing very unusual for Mr Verloc to take such a trip.

That was the Marquis's name for her: gave it after a trip to Egypt.

It got into shadows on the road, and lay cunningly on its back to trip him up.