Overnight [adjective]

Definition of Overnight:

brief, sudden

Synonyms of Overnight:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overnight:


Sentence/Example of Overnight:

Mrs. Bines, so complacent overnight, was the most disconsolate one of the group.

After she had gone he kept on coming more than ever, and he stayed overnight.

Soak the beans overnight and then parboil them in soda water.

And quiet—quiet to gloom, did the inn, so noisy overnight, seem by morning.

It was closed, barred, and curtained, just as it had been overnight.

His fits of dozing were as sudden as they had been overnight, and were as short and profound.

Pat's elation lasted him overnight and even well on into the next day.

They asked for rooms overnight, but were told there were none to be had.

They can keep you overnight, too, for it's a big house with lots of rooms.

Overnight you changed your mind and began thinking that maybe, just maybe, she might be right.