Rapid [adjective]

Definition of Rapid:

very quick

Opposite/Antonyms of Rapid:

Sentence/Example of Rapid:

A rapid walk soon restored the maidens to their own peaceful homes.

They were on the bank of a stream of some width, and apparently a deep and rapid one.

We regret that his tours are so rapid, and his journals so brief.

She heard him speaking in a voice not louder than a whisper, rapid, distinct.

The way was open; the access was free; the progress as rapid as thought could make it.

Harriet's climbing was not so rapid as to make her dizzy; but business was coming.

The march of events was rapid even for him, who was not slow in anything he undertook.

The bitter thoughts poured out of his mind in a rapid flood.

From this time my progress towards complete recovery was rapid.

He was sanguine in all his hopes, and rapid, but not unthinking, in all his decisions.