Sluggish [adjective]

Definition of Sluggish:

dull, slow-moving

Synonyms of Sluggish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sluggish:

Sentence/Example of Sluggish:

He wrestled with the big and sluggish stone, as if it had been a living enemy.

And how, on the other hand, are we to strengthen it, to quicken its sluggish blood?

The cold air entering by the open window, whipped his sluggish blood.

When the climate was warm they were active; when the climate was cold they were sluggish.

A thousand feet below was the white lake, sluggish and dead.

Here it flowed a sluggish, turgid stream, so sullen, so heavy.

There is something to inspire wonder in the most sluggish mind.

Use and want are not its masters, sluggish contentment cannot numb its activity.

At noon the three palms of the next place of call, up a sluggish river.

He was not likely to forget; but you cannot dam up life like a sluggish stream.