Dragging [adjective]

Definition of Dragging:

tiresome, monotonous

Synonyms of Dragging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dragging:

Sentence/Example of Dragging:

Disappointed in what they described as the organization’s foot-dragging, they took their complaints public.

In 2019, a Sarasota County day care worker was charged with abuse, caught on camera dragging and pushing children.

A few moments afterward he was seen dragging his own trunk ashore, while Mr. Hitchcock finished his story on the boiler deck.

Merrill dropped the meat he was dragging over the floor, and turned to confront Alessandro's eyes.

The boys were dragging along the banquette a small "express wagon," which they had filled with blocks and sticks.

“It is a girl,” declared Jessie, beginning to run and half dragging Amy Drew with her.

He ran from the stamping mill, his camera bobbing from the strap around his neck and his tripod dragging behind him.

Eudora was racing now through the briers, and weeds, and palmetto stumps, and dragging Mandy Ann with her.

It was either for them to suffer one sharp pang now, or to endure a greater dragging misery.

The latter had succeeded in getting the sapling free of the snow, and were dragging it to the ice on the lake-shore.