Lively [adjective]

Definition of Lively:

energetic, active, busy

Opposite/Antonyms of Lively:

Sentence/Example of Lively:

Ford engineers tuned the AWD system to give the Mach-E a lively rear-drive feeling, and it shows both in good weather and bad.

It tells in lively fashion gripping tales of bravery, treachery and revenge.

Despite the periodic narrative detours, the book moves at a lively pace.

Silverman then leads a lively discussion about the ills of social media with Sacha Baron Cohen and journalist Sheera Frenkel.

RSL driven by traces of underground moisture would make for a livelier Mars, but probably not a living Mars.

To wrap up the week, we also have a delicious and lively red from Uruguay and a refreshing sauvignon blanc from Chile.

It’s also a great place to make new friends — and one thing we can almost guarantee is that in Accra, you will make friends — who will show you their favorite corners of this lively, generous city.

Sure, it be a lively discussion for fans to have over a beer in a bar — if we lived in a world where we could discuss things over a beer in a bar.

Typically held each June, its highlights include a huge street festival featuring over 200 vendors annually, a lively parade, several cultural and educational events, countless opportunities to network and make connections, and more!

We had a lively & interesting discussion on the state of play on outstanding issues.