Bustling [verb]

Definition of Bustling:

move around quickly, busily

Synonyms of Bustling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bustling:

Sentence/Example of Bustling:

The huge engine, the wonderful carriages, the imposing guard, the busy porters and the bustling station.

A gray-haired man with a bustling manner and wearing glasses came through the reception room and Mark stopped him.

When the Turks saw a destroyer come bustling up at an unusual hour they said to themselves, "fee faw fum!"

The streets, which are exclusively inhabited by Chinese, presented a very bustling aspect.

The principal street presents a bustling appearance, being much frequented by carriages, as well as pedestrians.

You snatch me out of the cold cloister, but, in the bustling, ardent world you condemn me to the conventional chastity?

When he reached the abode of Destiny he saw a magnificent palace full of servants constantly bustling about and doing nothing.

You would soon tire of it, Chaloner; you were made for active exertion and bustling in the world.

He was thus engaged when that bustling woman noiselessly re-entered.

Moscow was known as one of the most bustling cities in Europe.