Flutter [verb]

Definition of Flutter:

wave rapidly, flap

Synonyms of Flutter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flutter:






Sentence/Example of Flutter:

They generally flutter for two or three minutes about the most elevated point of any object, and then disappear.

Oh, Ive had it out and felt behind it, urged Miss Carrington, all of a flutter now.

There was a note in her voice of such absolute sincerity, mingled with fear, that he opened his arms and let her flutter away.

It is why they have black wings and tails, why they flutter so with joy, and why they never finish their song.

He half expected a check to fall fluttering to the floor; but alas, there was not a single flutter.

The fever held on; the issue of life and death seemed to hang upon the flutter of an eyelid.

At times one felt a little absurd with one's flutter of colours and one's air of saving the country.

At this moment the door opened and two little girls appeared, all in a flutter of dainty blue ruffles.

Dey may squall en dey may flutter, but flutter'n' en squallin' aint done no damage yit ez I knows un, en 't aint gwine ter.

Of all the young people invited to Uncle William's party, no one was in such a flutter of delight as Dora.