Vibrate [verb]

Definition of Vibrate:

shake, quiver

Synonyms of Vibrate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vibrate:




Sentence/Example of Vibrate:

Worst of all, his mouth was open, and his chest could be seen to vibrate as he panted.

At last a word struck him, and made his whole soul to vibrate.

Its deep rumble made the whole night vibrate like a bass string.

These and your tongue and lips make the air in front of you vibrate.

If the vocal cords of your throat did not vibrate, you could not talk out loud.

If an article is tasteless, it means that these filaments do not vibrate.

Stretch a wire, as at B (Fig. 79), fairly tight, and then vibrate it.

"The tank will not vibrate so when I'm going at full speed," he explained to his father.

Yet before that sound had ceased to vibrate, she heard it shut again.

Cassy, therefore, with woman's tact, touched the only string that could be made to vibrate.