Stay [noun]

Definition of Stay:


Synonyms of Stay:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stay:

Sentence/Example of Stay:

I'm going back there, and get things in action, and I'm going to stay by them.

I'm going to stay to dinner with you, and you must give me something better than that.

“We would not stay here if you paid us for it,” returned Stephen.

Charmed, old man; deuced pally of you to stay by us down in that hole, you know.

Robert was nothing loth to stay, and resumed his place on the grass.

This may make a good depot if we require to stay long in this neighbourhood.

It did not help the matter when Emilia went to stay awhile with Mrs. Meredith.

They should come when each child was two, and stay till it was twenty.

He would not stay for dinner, and would not put his foot inside the house again.

On Monday morning she was ill, and Robin ordered her to stay in bed.