Halt [noun]

Definition of Halt:

end, stoppage

Synonyms of Halt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Halt:

Sentence/Example of Halt:

A petition that garnered more than 1,800 signatures overnight also sought to halt her deportation.

“The FAA should immediately halt the recertification process for the 737 Max in light of this report,” said Michael Stumo, father of Samya Stumo.

If the court were to find against the insurers, they could be forced to re-examine thousands of claims filed by firms holding business interruption and other policies that offered protection against unexpected halts to operations.

The global lockdown halted international travel and cut into luxury sales by extension.

This hovering is more commonly known as “stalling,” and occurs when a hurricane more or less grinds to a halt.

The company said in two statements yesterday that people involved with the trial had voluntarily halted its progress to fully investigate the single patient’s adverse reaction.

“The Batman” was one of the biggest productions to resume after Covid-19 brought the industry to a halt in March.

Hundreds of scientific investigations relying on this data could come to a halt, delaying some discoveries for several generations.

Even as the country skidded to a dystopian halt in the first days of the pandemic, Sam Chaudhary and his colleagues found themselves with more work than they had ever seen.

In Ferdinand’s hospice records, an AmeraCare staff member noted that the company was limiting skilled nursing visits and that they’d halted certified nursing assistant visits.