Cutoff [noun]

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Wallen, while no doubt enjoying the perks of stardom, still appears to be a regular dude with his cutoff shirts, mullet and rebellious yet laid-back attitude.

When people are trying to lose weight, they often invent or adopt rules to keep them from eating — and a common one is to not eat after dark, or to have a cutoff time for eating.

The ministry said the cutoff would include a “just transition” for those workers and the regions affected.

Matthew Hertz, co-founder of logistics consulting firm second Second Marathon, said that he’s advising startups to consider December 11 as the cutoff for when orders need to be placed by, if they want customers to receive it by December 25.

Existing developers can still enroll after that cutoff, but things get a bit more complicated, with reduced fees generally kicking in midway through the next fiscal calendar month.

Even if you’re not into cutoff sleeves and long-range bow shooting, it’s impossible to deny Hanes’ impact.

Reimbursement rates to school districts are based on the percentage of students receiving social supports, and districts close to the 40 percent cutoff may end up spending more than they otherwise would.

It was close Saturday, as he nearly missed the event’s 17-hour cutoff, but Nikic got to the finish line in time.

He was well outside the top 50 of the rankings at the established cutoff point in March but had risen to 13th as of last week, with a post-hiatus win, three other top-three finishes and a tie for 13th at the PGA Championship in August.

The more modern implementations also use the hotword as the cutoff point for connecting to the Internet—"Hey Google" detection is processed locally, and anything after that will get uploaded, processed, and stored on Google's servers.